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Latest News:

 Walter Cronkite & Congressman Dennis Kucinich - Dept. of Peace
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Video of the
Cronkite/Kucinich Conversation

"Get that word "peace" - Department of Peace - out there as constantly as you can do so. This organization and you people are on the leading edge of that campaign... through your organization the word spreads out among the people, so it becomes a more popular thing to be counted as one of the pilgrims, trying to lead us to this promised land of peace."
~Walter Cronkite


Watch the video about DOP "Transformation
Begins with Us"

from Rep. Kucinich

Transformation Begins with Us - Rep, Dennis Kucinich


Click to Watch Marianne Williamson and Rep. Dennis Kucinich on CNN
Marianne Williamson and Rep. Dennis Kucinich



"Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal."
Martin Luther King Jr.


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Southern California
Training Day


Lynn McMullen

Department of Peace National Campaign Coordinator

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If you're not able to attend meetings, consider yourself part of the AFDOP Support Team. At every level of participation we appreciate your efforts and energy to continue to raise awareness and gather support for the DOP Bill.

Below are action steps you can take at any time convenient in your schedule.

Thank You for your AFDOP Support!
Thank YOU in advance for participating as one of the AFDOP Support Team!Peace Dove Symbol

LATEST CALL TO ACTION ~ Sept. 22nd: Click here for the latest info regarding how to support the Bill's Re-introduction in the House. The New House Bill is # H.R. 3760 & the Senate version is # S. 1756). Instructions and contact numbers are listed.

WRITE YOUR REPRESENTATIVES: Click below for letter templates that you can customize. “Your name and address” should be centered.

CONTACT INFO FOR YOUR CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE: Click here for a listing of the San Diego County offices to mail your letters.
If you would like to look up who your Congressional Representative is and to find their address; click here to visit

CALL TO ACTION FOR: the Week of September 13th, 2005
Click here for the complete and easy instructions to start your phone tree.
All it takes is a couple of phone calls and a couple of friends = you make an incredible difference and RIPPLE effect. JOIN US at this important time and show our representatives that we care about this important Bill and would like them to consider supporting the Dept. of Peace legislation. Spread the word!

E-MAIL A FRIEND: Send a note to your friends about the DOP campaign.

New online email/fax congressional contact system. Click here

HOUSE PARTY: Host a House Party for DOP or include info about DOP with your next event; BBQ, Potlucks, etc. Click here for easy steps, templates and more info.

Peace Dove SymbolCLICK HERE to receive AFDOP Email Updates
with reminders of monthly meetings and regular updates on the progress of AFDOP and the Department of Peace.

AFDOP-ers at the ML King Parade


Americans for the Department of Peace (AFDOP) is a citizens’ group advocating passage of the Bill to establish a cabinet level U.S. Department of Peace.
We are the Southern California chapter of the national organization to advocate for this Bill, “The Peace Alliance”: www.the

Americans for the Department of Peace - Peace is the destination AND the journey

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