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Marianne Williamson and Rep. Dennis Kucinich

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Training Day

Lynn McMullen
Department of Peace National Campaign Coordinator

"It isn't enough to talk about peace.
One must believe in it.
And it isn't enough to believe in it.
Once must work at it."

Eleanor Roosevelt


Peace Dove SymbolHOUSE PARTY INFO:

Below are suggestions, step by step instructions, info and templates for hosting a house party as an event to promote DoP.

peace branch image HOUSE PARTY TEMPLATE from the PEACE ALLIANCE: in rtf. format

peace branch image A HOUSE PARTY INVITATION SAMPLE: in msword format

peace branch image AFDOP HAND-OUTS:
Please see our Outreach Kit section for files of hand-outs that you can available at your House Party.

peace branch image POWERPOINT PRESENTATION ON DOP: available to download

Rita's Dept. of Peace House Party

Peace Dove Symbol D-52's Outreach Chair, Rita, Shares her House Party Tips

Click here to download Rita's sample invitation. Please customize for your party.

Below our some ideas from Rita, based on her last House Party:

  1. have an event you will enjoy
  2. invite people you feel safe having at your home:
    neighbors you know, friends, coworkers and ask them all to invite their friends
  3. a short open house would be good so those who just want to learn can come and leave - I set mine too long and spent a lot of time waiting (2 hours good, 5 way too much)
  4. add a pot luck for those who want a social even t- most of those who attended this were friends and DOP members
  5. send a flyer/invite around
  6. attach material to flyer about DOP so people learn about it even if they don't come
  7. have materials available and items for sale
  8. I had a poster discussing various issues - put snacks near the poster/materials
  9. Have a video regarding the DOP to show at various intervals
  10. People eat and drink less than I thought so have things you will consume later.
  11. Enjoy the event !

NOTE: DOP/AFDOP informational video/DVDs are available for showing at your House Party. Please contact us at to borrow one.

~ ~ Thanks to Curt Clay for the photos at Rita's!

Americans for the Department of Peace (AFDOP) is a citizens’ group advocating passage of the Bill to establish a cabinet level U.S. Department of Peace.
We are the Southern California chapter of the national organization to advocate for this Bill, “The Peace Alliance”: www.the

Americans for the Department of Peace - Peace is the destination AND the journey

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