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Click to Watch Marianne Williamson and Rep. Dennis Kucinich on CNN
Marianne Williamson and Rep. Dennis Kucinich

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from Southern California
Training Day

Lynn McMullen
Department of Peace National Campaign Coordinator

"It isn't enough to talk about peace.
One must believe in it.
And it isn't enough to believe in it.
Once must work at it."

Eleanor Roosevelt


Fundraising Plans, Templates & Info:

Thank you to Connie Govier, our fantastic AFDOP Fundraising Coordinator, who developed the documents below.
Thanks to All!: Connie, along with the support of three project team leaders: Tanja Sutton (D52), Bill Henderson (D50), Curt Clay (D53), the Atkinson Family and the synergestic team of over 30 volunteers came together for a successful and awesome FUN-raiser at Kobey's Swap Meet on May 1st!

We will be adding more information to this section that will help to support each Districts fundraising efforts. (ie: suggested activities and completed activities...)
So please check back.

peace branch image THE ORIGINAL KOBEY'S SWAP MEET PROJECT PLAN: MSword format

peace branch image PROJECT PLAN TEMPLATE: MSword format

peace branch image BUDGET TEMPLATE: Excel format

peace branch image FUNDRAISING ROLES & RESPONSIBILITES: MSword format

Look at all the FUN we had at Kobey's! Click here to view the photos.
Thanks goes to John Atkinson for the photos and gallery. Enjoy!
To move through and view all the photos, please use the arrows at the top of the page.


Americans for the Department of Peace (AFDOP) is a citizens’ group advocating passage of the Bill to establish a cabinet level U.S. Department of Peace.
We are the Southern California chapter of the national organization to advocate for this Bill, “The Peace Alliance”: www.the

Americans for the Department of Peace - Peace is the destination AND the journey

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