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Best Offline Android Games

An Android game is a game played on an Android phone, smartphone/tablet, and smart watch, PDA, graphing calculator or portable media player. In 1994 at initial stage, mobile phones known game was a Tetris optional on the Hagenuk MT-2000 device.

In the world, there are still some areas which has no internet access. And if in that areas where internet is not available, you may feel that you are disconnected with the world. Don’t disquiet, there is a simple way out, now there are best offline Android games available for you to check out, newly updated with new suggestions for you to try.

Google Play now offers different segment of games that can be played offline. Now-e-days, Google has set up a segment of its Google Play Store dedicated to games that can be played offline. Google Play has given a choice to Android owners to play those types of games which might be require internet connection or not.

Although, most of Android games needs an internet connection but you’ll also discovery some of tremendous games that do not required any type of internet connection. So, for these circumstances when you do not have internet connection, you will desire some games that are free, fun, and offers happy time.

Here are our top best offline games for Android in offline situations.

  • Crashlands
  • Really Bad Chess
  • Sudoku
  • Smash Shit
  • Traffic Rider
  • Candy Crush
  • Shadow Fight
  • Into the Dead


Crashlands is an awfully well-designed game that plops your character on a daring world with a task to construct a crooked, conquest your opponents, and finally discharge back to galaxy.

The battle system is modest and enjoyable. A restructured inventory makes it easy to crop your resources and skilled your base and items.

Really Bad Chess:

Just fail to recall the classic version of chess, think about some new updated version of chess because it’s new version is keenly interested, really bad chess is also available to you offline so download Really Bad Chess and challenge yourself to think differently something new.

Although, the chess board standard remains same, the fragments are absolutely random. You might start with a single pawn and the three queens while the computer have a sequence of six rooks. It makes you leave everything you distinguish about chess, and think something new and go out of the box. It is really interested to even sharpen your mind, to think something new, even you don’t get bored at all.


Different types of puzzle games are available at Play Store in which many of them are working as offline. One of them is Sudoku, it is not much superior but once you like it you got interest to play this game.

In this game, it provides some basic rights, about it you want them all the times. There are four basic level or skilled levels, and time is given to you to complete the level, so time is testing here in how much time you can finish your game. You can even check whether you are solving correctly or not but to check it, it’s required an internet connection at that time otherwise you can play it offline freely.