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• Join us on July 25th's DOP Meeting. Special Speaker Miko Peled
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UN Peace Academy
UN Peace Academy article - The Light Connection
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Peace & NonViolence



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• Next DOP Meeting at Church of Today on Tues. July 25th

• AFDOP Support Team!
Call and write to support House Bill
No.: H.R. 3760;
Senate Bill
No.: S. 1756


Oprah Magazine Nov. issue - Harville Hendrix, PhD endorses DOP in article
OPRAH magazine
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• Each One of Us Makes a Difference -
Be Inspired by Our Story


 Walter Cronkite & Congressman Dennis Kucinich - Dept. of Peace
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of the
Cronkite/Kucinich Conversation

DOP featured on tv on CBS click to watch video
DOP on primetime TV!
Featured on CBS
in Bay Area ch. 5
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Marianne Williamson Marianne Williamson and Rep. Dennis Kucinich


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Listen to excerpts
Southern California
Training Day

Lynn McMullen
Department of Peace National Campaign Coordinator

Did you know that there is a Bill in Congress to establish
a cabinet level U.S. Department of Peace?


have signed on as co-sponsors of the Department of Peace and Non-Violence Bill
in the US House of Representatives in June - bringing the number of
co-sponsors in the House to 74! Our campaign is working!
Our California Department of Peace Conference held on June 23-25, 2006 was an incredible experience; uplifting, inspiring, re-energizing, educational and transformative. Thank you to everyone who participated. Special thanks to our incredible planning team!!! We are grateful for the talent, time and energy of Paul Chepikian, who captured our event with both video and still camera. Paul and Terry Mason also attended the DOP fundraiser the night before this conference, where he also filmed. Click here to see a selection of photos, a short video and a slide show also set to music. We hope this brings back pleasant and inspiring memories for you!

Mother's DayClick for Photos ~ Mother's Day ~
was started by Poet/Songwriter Julia Ward Howe (who wrote "Battle Hymn of the Republic"). The purpose of her designating this special day was for
"mothers" to band together to work for Peace.
We had an exciting, full day of Mothers Day events planned, culminating in AFDOP giving an award (a plant to plant "Seed for Peace") to the author of the DOP Bill - Congressman Dennis Kucinich, and one of the House co-sponsors, Congressman Bob Filner (49th District of CA).
We also: 1) Visited the offices of our U.S. Congressional Representatives
2) Visited with the local staffs of our U.S. Senators
3) Gave an award to Cong. Kucinich and Cong. Filner at the San Diego event.
For more details of how we participated, as well as to read Julia Ward Howe's "MOTHERS DAY PROCLAMATION", please click here.
To View a few photos of these activities, click here.

Energizing EarthFair

Thank you to all who participated and visited us at our AFDOP booth in Balboa Park at one of the largest Earth Day celebrations in the nation! This was a great day and event we outreached to our community about the DOP Bill and about how practical solutions exist for creating a culture of Peace and Nonviolence.

California in Action!

Citizens for a U.S. Dept. of Peace visit Senators' Boxer and Feinstein offices on Valentine's Day

Enthusiastic DOP activists, of all ages, made simultaneous visits to all 10 state offices of Senators Boxer and Feinstein on Valentines Day. Each office received a giant heart-shaped valentine cookie along with material on the legislation and our campaign. In addition to office visits, many California supporters took to the phones and urged their Senators to support the bill. 23 people visited the Senators' San Diego offices. California resident Wendy Greene even visited the Senators offices in Washington D.C.! Thank you to everyone who participated!

Dept. of Peace State Coordinators  and  Peace Alliance staff

State Coordinators and PAF staff group in San Diego, January 20-22.

State Coordinator Planning Retreat: Christine Elliot and John Mc Neil, California State Coordinators for the DoP campaign, along with the Peace Alliance and PAFoundation conducted this important "FORWARD" ~ a national strategy planning retreat. It was a highly motivating and productive weekend to connect, train, inspire, and plan around our mission and work to help build a culture of peace and to establish a Department of Peace in the U.S. government.

Did you know that there is a Bill in Congress to establish a cabinet level U.S. Department of Peace?

Under this Bill The Department of Peace would have jurisdiction both internationally and domestically:

Internationally ~ it would provide the President with specific, proven options for non-violent resolution of conflict and highly sophisticated peacemaking strategies for post-war stabilization.

Domestically ~ the Department of Peace would have jurisdiction to address national and local issues including: drug and gang violence, school bullying, prison reform and domestic abuse.

Government agencies currently addressing these problems are scattered among numerous departments. Under this Bill, all would be coordinated under one umbrella to increase efficiency and effectiveness (like Homeland Security).

The Department of Peace would establish a Peace Academy, patterned after the military academies, where students would learn peaceful conflict resolution skills and, after graduation, would serve in peace-related postings here at home or abroad.

Join Us in the Journey...
Together we can make a difference!

TAKE ACTION! Support the Bill's Re-introduction in the House (New House Bill is # H.R. 3760) & the introduced Senate version (# S. 1756). Share with your friends and family how easy it is to call and write/fax Congress now! Click here to learn more.

Click to Watch our own "Grandmothers for Peace" sharing how they reached out to their Congressional Representative, Susan Davis, who listened to their gentle persuasion and signed on to endorse the DoP Bill! Or to read more about their journey, view: Each One of Us Makes a Difference - Be Inspired by Our Story.
These streaming video clips were from our recent National conference in Washington, D.C. and include local activists sharing about the impact they have had in their districts.

Dec. 12, 2005: International Conference Endorses U.S. Department Of Peace ~ People's International Initiative
For Departments of Peace in governments around the world
Click here to read more!

People's International Initiative for Dept. of Peace in governments around the world

There are now over 295 team leaders out of all 50 states and over 440 Congressional Districts!
PLUS: 13 City Council Resolutions have now passed in support of
a Dept. of Peace & are growing!
Endorsed now in Oakland, CA, Berkeley, CA, Detroit, MI, Cleveland, OH; Kuai county, HI; Cambridge, MA; Lincoln City, OR and Hamtramck, MI
NEW: Palo Alto & Santa Cruz, CA, San Jose and Sebastopol CA pass endorsing measures!

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with reminders of monthly meetings and regular updates on the progress of AFDOP and the Department of Peace.

AFDOP San Diegans with Rep. Dennis Kucinich

Americans for the Department of Peace (AFDOP) is a citizens’ group advocating passage of the Bill to establish a cabinet level U.S. Department of Peace.
We are the Southern California chapter of the national organization to advocate for this Bill, “The Peace Alliance”: www.the peacealliance.org


Americans for the Department of Peace - Peace is the destination AND the journey

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